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The TIMETRANSLATION Office is one of sector’s leading companies that provides all kinds of oral and written translation services in more than 50 official languages in the world. It is a “language solution center” referred to in confidence by persons and institutions that seek speedy and reliable translation service.

“Our Customer Focused Quality Service” Principle, our experience consisting of “Billions of Pages in Various Terminologies”, our “Total Quality” concept and our recommendations on “Cost Efficient Solutions” can be verified from our references. In order to minimize the margin of error for translations that require expertise, they are translated by translators possessing expertise on such fields and undergo verification by an editor thereafter. You shall therefore avoid potential problems before both your business partners and the law.

Our internet site aims at explaining you the details you would like to know about our company and the mainlines of the procedures that we have adapted within the context of our corporate culture. In case your corporation needs any commercial, legal, technical etc. translation service (certified by notary, consulate, provincial governorship), whether written or oral, we can provide it speedily and reliably in line with our professional working principles. With contribution from each new customer, we create innovations that orientate the translation market, we increase our proficient translator and administrative staff, strengthen our infrastructure, introduce solutions that will minimize your costs and we therefore INVITE you to share our experiences. With our deepest respects,

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